Alumil Kosova – Logistic Consultant Mechanical Engineer, Customer Consultant Mechanical Engineer

Logistic Consultant Mechanical Engineer


To ensure the smooth operation of logistics department according to HQ rules and adapted to local market needs. Moreover, takes actions to achieve cost efficient logistics procedures under excellent customer service level.


  • Develops an action plan in his area of responsibility, in order to achieve the goals in accordance with the company’s yearly budgeting plan
  • Controls the budget of the Logistic Department
  • Communicate with the Mother Company in order to improve the functions of the warehouse.
  • Reducing of transportation cost.
  • Supervision of the amount of stock in Central Warehouse and SDS.
  • Supervision of works in the warehouse and SDS and control of the correct implementation of processes (receipt and putting away, picking, loading, receipt and putting away of returns)
  • Supervision of proper operation of ATLANTIS system concerning customer orders, purchase orders, Stock Replenishment, and stock in warehouse.
  • Monitoring of execution of orders to customers/ from suppliers
  • Monitoring and controlling of warehouse working staff.
  • Report on the delivery time of orders targeting to minimize them.
  • Improving the operations of the logistics department – informing about new procedures and implement them to the department.
  • Solving everyday problems with the support of the subsidiary’s manager
  • Reports about the expenses of the department to Management
  • Defines specific goals, in collaboration with his Superior, for employing and continuous training of his personnel.
  • Develops a specific action plan of maintenance of the machinery and installations of his department, in collaboration with the Technical Services Manager, for the constantly proper condition and availability of the resources


  • Is accountable for the expense budget of his area of responsibility and justifies any given variations regarding the anticipated expenses.
  • Proposes to his Superior plan for new investments in his area of responsibility, organizes and supervises the implementation of them.
  • Controlling orders for raw material, powders, chemicals, spare parts, consumables and work safety facilities
  • Co-operates with local workshops for supplies and constructions of items needed in his area of responsibility
  • Keeps records of time evidence for workers
  • Participates in new workers employment
  • Evaluates annually the employees of his area of responsibility
  • Communicates with customers and suppliers


    • Time Management
    • Priority ranking
    • Analytical thought
    • Responsibility
    • Complex problem Solving
    • Human resources management skills
    • Technical and Professional Expertise
    • Leadership skills
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Min. 3 years’ experience in same or similar jobs
    • Engineering diploma
    • Knowledge of English language
    • Knowledge of Greek language is an advantage.
    • Pc literacy
  • Submits and implements specific Action Plans for the realization for the company strategies in his area of responsibility.
  • Advices General Manager proceeding and criteria for increasing productivity and reducing the costs.
  • Evaluates the necessity of quantity and quality of personnel and proposes accordingly to Supervisor.
  • Develops plan for circulation of the personnel and organizes implementation.
  • Develops plans for safety of personnel and checks continuously for their implementation


  • Overcoming everyday problems
  • Satisfying customers on time
  • Keeping personnel satisfied
  • Keeping expenses under control


  • Manages of big group of people (20+)

EXPECTED RESULTS AND INDICATORS (Results which have to be achieved and equivalent performance measurement)

  • Stock Reduction
  • Reduction of dead stock
  • Reducing management costs of the product
  • Reducing the execution time of orders

All interested candidates can apply by sending their CV’s to: or call on 038713222.

Customer Consultant Mechanical Engineer


Technical Expertise

  • Be a true expert in the technical aspects of Alumil’s products, as much as its competitors.
  • Have a deep understanding of how the building sector works.

Introducing a new product

  • A member of the sales’ division must know all the technical characteristics of the new product, and the sales’ methodology of introducing a new product to customers.
  • He/she must have presentation skills. Be simple about what the new product has to offer, and what customers’ needs it corresponds to.

Selling Against competition

  • A member of the sales’ division must have good knowledge of the competition and its products, and the differences between theirs and ours.
  • He/she must be able to present these differences in a simple and educative manner.
  • He/she must knowledgable enough, and quick to respond at defending the company against acusations from the competition.

Customer Selection

  • A member of the sales’ division must be aware of the charecteristics of the ideal customer.
  • He/she must be able to categorize leads and opportunities, and quickly discern a profitable customer from a cumbersome one
  • He/she must focus on bringing in the “ideal customers” and investing in them, rather than spend his time on customers who bring in more costs than profits.

Developing Client Base, Opening up new markets

  • A member of sales’ division must be able to start a market research from scratch, taking advantage of the internet, personal contacts, embassies etc.
  • He/she must be able to map the market, and do the profiling of possible customers/prospects
  • He/she must be able to do cold calls, and follow-ups without any hesitation. Even go door to door without prior communication, if needed.
  • He/she must be able to clasify leads, find the opportunities and turn them into viable customers.

Information Phishing

  • A member of sales’ division must be adept at harvesting information and intelligence concerning market trends, prices from competition, swifts of customers’ loyalty, moves from competition and generally changes in the marketplace.

Savvy with Technology

  • A member of the sales’ division my be adebt at using software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft CRM, Moodle, MyAlumil, Product Portfolio Management, B.I. & MS Teams
  • He/she must have his data base constantly up to date, according to the specs.

All interested candidates can apply by sending their CV’s to: or call on 038713222.